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    Last update: December 13, 2009

    +Portugal: The Best Surf In Europe
      Every year thousands of surfers flock to the Western coast of Portugal, an area often overlooked by mainstream tourism but well known to surfers for its solid surf. The offshore breezes bring swells across the Atlantic seaboard generating ideal sized...

    +High altitude party:Climbers planted a Jacuzzi on Mont Blanc summit
      Climbers normally head to the summit of Mont Blanc for the awesome views. Guess what these folks are heading up there for? A recent expedition to the summit carried a jacuzzi kit with them to party it up on the top of the Mont Blanc: probably one of..

    +Raid de Himalaya: Driving to the top where the heaven and hell meet!
      Highway Huns are on roll once again, the adrenaline of rallyists is pumping out of the veins, high time is here again! Country's most adventurous and arduous motor sport event Maruti Suzuki Raid-de-Himalaya is round the corner and the rallyists are...

    +US teen to set new records in solo sailing
      Well, I wonder out of how many teenagers across all the continent, sailing all alone around the world would be an ideal idea for a long holiday. Yes, I know its no child’s play but the a 16-year-old lad from Los Angeles is just on his way to make...

    +The place you won't go vacationing!
      I ain't no crazy, but the one who first went up there or the one who built that place there, sure was...! If words baffle, have your own peep down here.Figuring where on earth that is, perhaps even I'm wondering...but what I think, this sure ma

    +These roads can scare the shit outta you!
      A few people can really imagine the courage it takes to relish the breathtaking scenery of “Death Road”, the only western route into La Paz. Those people who like to think of themselves as brave hearts should challenge “Death Road” in the eye but.

    +The Hanging Coffins of Sagada: A place where death is an adventure!
      It's natural people expect their soul to 'rest in peace' at least in their death. But whether that truly happens or not is another question. If you happen to visit the Cliffs of Sagada in Phillipines you will be surprised to see to what extent people.

    +London: Surfers can ride on world's first outdoor surfing machine's artificial waves soon
      Are you an adventure sports enthusiast, who loves surfing on the high waves of the tumultuous sea? It might not be possible for you to be present on the beach every weekend. If you are a Londoner, then wait only for three more years to see your...

    +Crocodile Cage Diving: Adrenaline-pumping feat for daredevils!
      Kerry Shaw, a South African media executive making the adrenaline-pumping feat. Adrenaline junkies are always in search for something new and thrilling. Do you fancy yourself as a bit of an adrenaline-junkie? If yes, then I can suggest you the...

    +Life-threatening excitement in the Theme Park
      There is at last something very exciting happening in the world of theme parks. Entertainment has been added with more life threatening excitement in a new theme park; that is set to open in Darwin in two weeks. With an official launch in October,..

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