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    Last update: December 22, 2009

    +Conroy parody site shut down suddenly
      A site setup to mock the pro-internet censorship Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has been shut down within hours of its registration.

    +Find the best notebook: Notebook Hunter by APC
      You might have noticed the "Notebook Hunter" graphics appear on APC over the last few days. So what is it?

    +Panasonic offers safer, longer lasting battery
      New battery has more power and won't overheat.

    +Intel Pine Trail Atom parts get official
      New Atom CPUs are first in x86 market to integrate graphics onto the CPU.

    +APC Master Builder Competition - powered by ASUS
      There is no such thing as the perfect PC, and no totally right or wrong way of building one. That's why we want to know how you would build the ultimate PC.

    +Specs and pics of new Eee 1005P and 1005PE netbooks surface
      New Eee netbooks pack Atom N450 CPUs and long battery life.

    +Google looking to sell branded netbook running Chrome
      Chrome netbook expected by Christmas 2010.

    +Pioneer Computers DreamBook Light U11 breaks cover
      DreamBook Light U11 offers very compact form factor and lots of options.

    +Origin now offers gaming PCs in Australia
      Origin enters the market with a cool gaming desktop and notebook.

    +Testing of Conroy's internet filter flawed: expert
      A senior ISP engineer says the government's internet filter was never tested at high speed, nor did it meet the government's own performance benchmark.

    +?Virtual PVR? service for PCs and smartphones launches
      Don?t want to be shackled to your TV set? Australian company MyTVR will record TVprograms on their server and push the content down to your PC, iPhone, Nokia or Android device.

    +Packard Bell offers Valentino Rossi edition VR46
      Special edition notebook lacks anything motorcycle inspired.

    +Cherrypal unveils dirt cheap Africa netbook
      Cheap netbook is aimed directly at developing nations.

    +15 days left to claim 50% tax rebate on tech
      If you?re nominally running a small business ? even as a sole trader ? you?ve got just two weeks to pick up a new PC or associated hardware and claim a 50% tax rebate.

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