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    Last update: December 22, 2009

    +Virtual world designer Metaplace to shutter
      Saying it hasn't been able to gain traction as a consumer user-generated content service, Raph Koster's leading game design company is shutting down.

    +Google's creed: 'Open will win'
      In a 4,000-word manifesto recently penned by Google's Jonathan Rosenberg on the importance of being open, the company once again swears it is a force for good.

    +Tax prep preview: Which DIY app is right for you?
      In anticipation of the 2009 tax season, we've gathered some preliminary information about tax prep software for the DIY tax-doers among you.

    +Big Facebook privacy void: Controls on Connect
      If you're sharing info on your news feed with Facebook Connect, it's visible to either all your friends or none of them, something that Facebook can and should change.

    +Meebo Bar now available for all
      Previously only available to large blogs and businesses, the Meebo Bar, which features a variety of sharing and chat options, is now available to everyone.

    +BioWare: Japanese RPGs don't get American audiences
      Company co-founder says Japanese role-playing games just aren't evolving from where they started, causing most American gamers to look the other way.

    +The five most welcome digital audio products of 2009
      Despite the economic toll on the industry, five stand-out products did much to move the state of digital audio forward this year.

    +Seven businesses to look out for in 2010
      In January 2008, I wrote a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post that outlined seven businesses I thought would be good to start. Here's why I predict this upcoming year those businesses will come alive.

    +CNET News Daily Podcast: Twitter turns a profit, Yelp bails on Google
      Twitter is reported to have made money this year, while Yelp is apparently walking away from a huge Google payday.

    +Video site Dailymotion gets a pair of iPhone apps
      The app offers a nice step up from viewing the site in Safari alone, and even lets iPhone 3GS owners record and send their videos to the service.

    +TweetDeck deal brings a Sherlock Holmes look
      Popular Twitter-user interface promotes Warner Bros.' new movie with a themed version of its software. Also in the works: deals with record labels and bands.

    +Microsoft CFO heads to new post at GM
      Chris Liddell joins General Motors as vice chairman and chief financial officer. He'll start at GM in the new year.

    +Twitter? Profitable? Really?
      A report in BusinessWeek says that Twitter will have turned a profit in 2009 thanks to search deals from Google and Microsoft. Legit, or fuzzy math?

    +Ford cars to become Wi-Fi hot spots
      Using the next version Ford's in-car Sync system, vehicle owners can plug a broadband modem into built-in Wi-Fi, providing Internet access to all passengers.

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