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    Last update: January 7, 2010

    +Keep on, keep on taking the tablets
      Shivering in a UK county that's only two degrees Celsius colder than the South Pole, I'm beginning to think that on the whole I'd rather be in Las Vegas. read more

    +CES - it's all a heap of crap
      Opinion The foremost shock 'n' awe tech show in the world is a complete and utter waste of more

    +Intel touts new age of Core computing
      Intel has introduced its 2010 Core family of processors, which include i7, i5 and i3 chips. The company also unveiled several product platform updates, such as Centrino Wi-Fi and WiMAX more

    +RIM delivers terror of Powerpoint on BlackBerry
      Research in Motion has introduced a gizmo for BlackBerry users that lets you bore an audience to death by displaying a PowerPoint presentation more

    +Now TI is doing an e-reader too
      Another firm is set to jump on the e-reader bandwagon - and this time it's giant semiconductor company Texas more

    +There's no Intel chip inside Apple's tablet
      When Apple introduces its tablet machine later on this month, it's unlikely to have an Intel chip more

    +Footprints of earliest land animals found
      The discovery of new fossil footprints indicates that our ancestors left the sea for the land at least 18 million years earlier than more

    +BBC investigates science coverage 'bias'
      Dammit, you've sussed us - science writers are all in the pocket of a massive global warming conspiracy. But at least you're going for the big targets more

    +A cure for Alzheimers? Yakking on the phone
      It's not what you'd expect from all those moronic overheard conversations - but heavy cellphone users are apparently less likely to suffer from memory more

    +Is Google's Nexus a rogue replicant?
      It can't be long now before every word in the English language has been copyright protected, and we'll all have to start communicating in whistles and clicks. read more

    +Qualcomm basks in foundry Glo
      AMD spin-off, GlobalFoundries is teaming up with Intel’s biggest but most silent threat, Qualcomm, in an agreement which will see the fab Fab build chips for the wireless company in a bid to further its “mobile product innovation.”read more

    +Samsung puts it all on display
      Samsung's CES press conference Wednesday was certainly not a modest event by any stretch of the imagination, with the firm showing off everything from pencil thin 3D TVs, to eReaders, phones, cameras, displays, music players, notebooks, photo frames and more

    +Microsoft's Ballmer keeps audience in the dark
      Microsoft was struggling with power problems Wednesday night as Steve Ballmer's keynote was delayed by intermittent moments of more

    +Sony says 3D is here to stay
      Sony CEO Howard Stringer and Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow kicked off the company's CES 2010 keynote address by extolling the virtues of everything more

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