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    Last update: December 22, 2009

    +Apple finally addresses 27-inch iMac flickering screen issues
      Apple finally releases fix for 27-inch iMacs with flickering screen issues. YouTube Good news for owners of the new 27" iMac.

    +Stem Cell Research for Heart Attacks
      It's still in the testing phase, but here in Memphis research is being conducted that involves stem cell treatment for heart attacks.

    +HP Computers Labeled Racist Due to Software Glitch
      Evidently HP computers are racist, if you follow the rationale of this snarkily produced video. It shows how HP's webcam software, which is supposed to track the movements of a person's face, doesn't work too well if you're African American.

    +New Study: Texting Raises Accident Risk Six-Fold
      Things are improving. As opposed to an earlier study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), which stated that text messaging increases the risk of accident by 23 times, this one only says that accident risk is increased by 6 times. We should be happy at the improvement, right?

    +Sony, News Corp. Tie Up For Exclusive Digital Content
      When people think of e-book readers, the first device that "usually" comes to mind is the Amazon Kindle. Of late, the next device that comes to mind is the Barnes & Noble nook. The third set of devices that come to mind are the Sony e-book readers, but Sony isn't content with standing still.

    +Athersys inks deal with Pfizer on stem-cell therapy
      Athersys Inc said it sold the rights of its stem-cell therapy to treat inflammatory bowel disease to Pfizer Inc, the world's biggest drugmaker, and shares of Athersys nearly doubled in value.

    +Governor backs off energy goal for 4 UW campuses
      Gov. Jim Doyle has backed off a campaign promise that four University of Wisconsin campuses will be energy independent by 2012 after determining it was not practical as proposed.

    +Intel reveals next-generation Atom details
      This past Thursday, Intel briefed journalists on its forthcoming Atom version, codenamed Pine Trail, and on its plans to launch a slew of new processors at CES.

    +Maine Legislator Calls For Cell Phone Cancer Warning Labels
      It's still unproven, but many have said we should err on the side of caution. Thus, a Maine legislator is seeking to require cell phones sold in that state to carry warnings about the possibility that they may cause brain cancer.

    +Amazon MP3 Takes on iTunes With doubleTwist's Help
      While Amazon MP3 has offered a good alternative to iTunes for some time, but as yet it has not made a significant dent in the market share owned by Apple's music store. Although Amazon MP3 has the music, iTunes (the software) is a major advantage for Apple, making it easy for iPod users to buy, manage and play their music. Thus, Amazon MP3 has teamed with doubleTwist, which has had it in for Apple for quite some time.

    +German teacher stabbed to death by lovestruck former pupil who...
      A German teacher has been stabbed to death by a lovestruck former pupil who placed a covert GPS tracking device on her car to follow and then kill her.

    +AT&T's iPhone Connection Problems Skewered By SNL
      You know you're in trouble if your issues with coverage and signature product becomes the butt of Saturday Night Live, right? Very reminiscent of how John McCain knew his campaign was in trouble when SNL made jokes about Sarah Palin by using her own words, virtually verbatim. Thus, the iPhone and its issues became a highlight on SNL's Weekend Update Saturday night.

    +Google paid no tax in UK on 1.6bn advertising revenues last year, accounts reveal
      Internet behemoth Google has avoided paying tax on its 1.6bn revenues in the UK, making it the latest in a long list of companies whose British operations are domiciled in more tax friendly ports.

    +WebWill Manages Your Digital Death
      Wonder what is going to happen to all the digital traces of your life after you pass away? To be honest, most of it will probably be available, and searchable, at least until they are de-indexed by search engines. However, a new start-up called WebWill hopes to at least close off the social networking parts of your life.

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